Words of Appreciation

This work is dedicated with love to my husband Phil. He knows me at my worst and rides through many storms with me. He understands how difficult it is for me to surrender. Yet he sees light and potential within me when I can't or refuse to see it myself.

I had many personal and professional challenges during work on this project. The challenges helped bring Surrender to fruition, but it wouldn't be what it is without the help of others. I am grateful to

  • God for being present during shining and difficult moments.

  • Friends and family for their unflagging support and encouragement.

  • Phil, Wanetta, Wynell, and Shelly for their comfort and inspiration.

  • Kathy Parsons and Michael McDeed, for their empathy and motivation when music felt like a lonely, frustrating profession.

  • David Lanz, my musical physician, for suggesting ways to make my songs better.

  • Craig Thorson, my engineer, for professionalism with a personal touch. He expertly created the sound of my dreams, yet laughed good-naturedly after recording the sounds of Wynell dreaming.

  • The staff of Midwest Replication for duplication, design, , and art assistance.

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