Surrender CD silkscreen

Love is Blue
This song evokes memories of lying on the carpet of my parents' home listening to their 8-track tape during my early childhood a period of innocence, and discovery. It has been a favorite, and I'm pleased to do my own version.

Wanetta's Gift
Phil's bouncy German Shepherd Wanetta constantly showed me she had plenty of love to give during the times I was without a dog of my own.

Second Chance (Shelly's Song)
Shelly was my Golden Guide for nine months. She gave me a second chance after my first Golden Seeing Eye Dog® Tanner died. Eventually I learned I had to give her a second chance to do what she wished. She became someone else's pet and is much happier in this role.

I consider laughing with Phil a stress reliever and a part of what makes our marriage great. No matter how bad my mood is, my husband can always make me laugh with him.

This song is a wandering circle. It's elliptical, but I disliked "ellipse" as a title. Phil found the perfect way to describe the music.

We have been part of a national grief surrounding September 11th. In a year, I grieved the loss of two dog guides -one from death and the other from retirement. I tried to circumvent grief, but it always reappeared. Finally, I surrendered. When going through the pain, this song materialized.

Sunlight Dance (Wynell's Song)
After a period of darkness, in walked happiness and love on four paws. My third Golden Retriever and guide Wynell has brightened and re-energized my world.

Silver Lining
My moods often respond to the current climate. When I wrote this, I was content despite the dreary weather. I hear the work as paradoxically haunting, yet light like the silver lining in the clouds.

Sparkling Spring
I love the double meaning of this title. It and the music describe both my favorite of the four seasons and a natural water fountain.

A storm can thrill and/or scare me, and there are both emotions in this song. The rain is in my right hand, while thunder booms during the resonant lower notes. The lightening strikes are represented by some of the chord changes. I consider the major middle section the eye of the storm.

High school wasn't the easiest of times for me. Therefore, I was tentative about attending my tenth class reunion. It wasn't the pounds I had gained which bothered me. Rather, it was possibly revisiting a dark period in my past. I was pleasantly surprised with a wonderful evening.

Slumber's Caress
Quiet music in my mind marks the passageway between wakefulness and sleep. I wish I could recapture the exact notes, but it inevitably fades quickly. The style is similar to this lullaby.

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