Words of Appreciation

This work is warmly dedicated to the many family members, colleagues, and friends who have traveled upstream with Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs® and me. Some steered the boat by providing much needed transportation. Others contributed physical and spiritual food when the current was strongest. Still others gave us the listening ears which kept our boat from sinking. There are far too many of you to name, but if you have taken the time to help us in the last three years, this album is especially for you.

It seems as if this album has taken forever to complete. The period in which these songs were composed and arranged has reminded me that time is a precious commodity, and I would like to thank those who invested their time supporting me through this project.

  • As always, God tops my list. Without God I couldn't compose or perform.

  • David Lanz's suggestions have once again turned good songs into great ones.

  • Michael Malver learned his flute part by ear quickly and accurately, accommodated my requests good-naturedly, and performed beautifully.

  • During the composition and arrangement period, it was important to receive other feedback on the songs from people not close to the work. my parents and Friends Gina Caven, Rose Block, Nina Pratt and Jane Toleno were my amateur music critics.

  • Craig Thorson has again improved my work with his studio expertise. He also had a lot of patience when I needed to repeat things several times to get them just right.

  • Jeff Foldenaur and Elton Seifert have come back onboard with their new company Relymedia. I'm grateful for Jeff's flexibility to meet me when and where I need him. Elton once again transformed the album's concept into beautiful art and design.

  • Eric Eklund double checked the design of this CD among countless other things.

  • My husband Phil continues to be my constant advisor and web developer. When I had a problem, he always seemed to come up with a solution.

  • Kathy Parsons, David Nevue, and the rest of the musicians in the Whisperings Radio Community were wonderful consultants during the tough times.

  • Whether in church, in the studio, at home or in the coffee shop, I didn't do anything musical without my Seeing Eye Dog® Wynell's fuzzy Golden presence close by.

  • Finally, special thanks to VSA Arts of Minnesota and the Jerome Foundation for providing a grant during the album's development.

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