Upstream CD silkscreen

Time Piece
I've always loved the West Minster Chimes. I wrote this song in the same key as the chimes of the clock my husband Phil gave me for a birthday present.

Kiss from a Rose
This song is probably my favorite song from 1990's pop. Its haunting chords and melody appeal to people of all ages.

A friend named this song for me, because it sounded like Innocence to her. So much has happened to me in the last couple of years, but I hope this song is evidence that I haven't been completely jaded by life events.

Facing the Music
A young adult from my church was fatally shot by gang members. Though I did not know him, this was more than a news headline, and I felt the problem of gang violence was somehow closer to me. While writing this song, I reflected that as I age, , issues formerly someone else's concern will affect me personally.

Memories of First Love
My husband Phil and I were featured as a blind couple in a Valentine's Day Newspaper story. While we reminisced with the reporter about the highs and lows of our first months of love, this song came to me.

God Bless the World
My priest gave a homily about patriotism. He commented that there are a lot of songs which asked God to bless specific countries. But why don't we have songs that asked God to bless the world?

I was walking across the street and was knocked unconscious after being hit by a car. As I wrote this during my recovery, my shoulders hurt and playing the song sounded and felt like I was paddling my boat against the current on my life's journey. Today I play it with joy after arriving upstream.

I heard the melody and chords of the refrain of this piece as I prayed during Phil's quadruple bypass surgery.

Winds of Change
Both in the weather and life, winds of change can be simultaneously welcome and unwanted.

We waited six months for Phil's prosthetic leg after his amputation. We continue to wait for a kidney transplant for my husband. Despite its frustrations and anxieties, waiting can have beautiful moments which can easily slip by unnoticed.

From previous notes, it's probably apparent that we've had a very interesting life during the composing period for this album. Humor has been a major outlet for getting us through some of the difficult times.

Someone very close to me had to go through an unexpected and difficult situation. She was geographically far away, and I wished I could do more for her. This song was first written out of anger. However, as I focused less on the situation and more on wanting to console her, the song turned sad and tender.

I heard a set of church bells before Mass which repeated a series of two notes three times. I expanded the melody and created themes with calls and responses. Michael Malver's flute is the perfect instrument to compliment my piano arrangement.

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